Sunday, March 4, 2007


What an amazing afternoon in Tarzana, a little patch of dirt in the West part of the San Fernando Valley, West of Encino and Sherman Oaks. About 20 hit and aspiring songwriters, and/or performing songwriters showed off their work product to Mr. Braheny for instant feedback. John volunteered his time, and was joined by his wife Jo Ann. The host Toni K., of, among other things, Warrior Girl Music, filled in for Paul L. Moyer, who had an emergency to deal with but who deserved a bit of a break, I am sure.

Well, the day was filled with the likes of columnist and radio host Larry Wines who hosts "Acoustic Americana Radio Also known as Tied to the Tracks. He offers live in-studio performance opportunities and it airs Saturdays at 6 am to 10 am on KCSN radio or streaming on line at We had young stars in the making playing piano live singing passionately about wishing on a star making dreams reality and wow was that incredible.

John M. had his amazing guitar and vocals there to entertain us and had many useful comments for fellow workshop attendees. Doug Welch who helped me put this blog up on line is the key note speaker for next month, (First Sunday of each month at Coffee Junction Tarzana on Ventura Blvd. just East of Tampa Ave. Check it out, also see Last show at Talking Stick is coming up in April so be there to say goodbye, the place is being redesigned by a corporate entity that sells coffee.... guess who. Well, as this is my first independent blog entry without my coach Doug here with me, I hope it was interesting to you all and i invite you to check out my new songs that will be posted here shortly. Bye for now, Sterling Edward

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sterling Edward Creative Force in Love and Music

Hi. This is my first post of 2007 I am new to the Blog world I hope to share my thoughts funny observations and Love to all who read. I welcome yours in return. I hope to be inspired and to inspire, to provoke in the most uplifting way and to be challenged as well. thanks for listening and if anyone is really knowledgable and can assist me in learning the process for uploading music and videos on youtube, please contact me thanks again. Peace and Blessings.